Alabama State Powerlifting and Bench Press Championship

February 12, 2011

Alabama State
Powerlifting and
Bench Press Championship
Location: Fitness Factory

2423 Old Huntsville Hwy
Arab, AL 35016-5125

Meet Directors: Jesse Rodgers
More info Call: Jesse Rodgers 423-255-3672
Events you can enter:
Raw, Single Ply, or Multi-Ply
Equipped Powerlifting (Squat,Bench,Deadlift) 70.00

Push/Pull ( Bench, Deadlift) 65.00
Squat Only 60.00

Bench Only 65.00

Deadlift Only 65.00

Power Curls 50.00

Bench Press for Reps. 45.00
15.00 late fee after Feb. 1st.  so try to get entries in early if possible.
Must be a SPF Member to lift, if not already,
membership is 30.00 per year.
All Lifters must wear Singlets, ALL LIFTERS in ALL EVENTS in ALL SPF MEETS. Can not compete without them.
Come and Break State, National, and World Records
Entry Fees as stated above, all crossovers, 50.00
Early Weigh Ins: Friday Feb. 11th. 9:00 - 12:00 at the location
Weigh Ins Day of Meet: 7:30 - 8:30 am.
Rules Briefing: 8:30
Meet Starts at 9:00

 Divisions:Teenage Men 13-15,16-17,18-19,Teenage Women13-15,16-17,18-19,Juniors 21-23,
Women, Women Masters 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70-74,7 5-79, 80+,
Men Sub-Masters, Police and Fire,
Masters 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70-74,7 5-79, 80
Weight Classes for each Division: 97, 114, 123, 132, 148, 165, 181, 198, 220, 242, 259,
275, 308, Super Heavy
General Admission:   5.00 
Make all Checks Payable to Jesse Rodgers
Mail to:
Jesse Rodgers   7493 Tanya Dr.   Harrison,  Tn.   37341
Contest Entry Form
All Entry Forms and Entry Fees must be Mailed to:
Jesse Rodgers, 7493 Tanya Dr.   Harrison,   Tn.   37341
All CHECKS, PAYABLE to Jesse Rodgers
423 255-3672 or E-mail:
Name of Contest:   Alabama State Powerlifting      Date: Feb. 12th.
Print Full Name: _____________________________ Age:_______ Date of Birth:____________
Address: __________________________ City: _______________ State: _______ Zip: _______
Phone No: _____________________________
Email: ___________________________________________
Parent or Gardian must sign for you to lift if you are under 18.
Parent or Guardian signature:____________________________________________________
Select the Events pertaining to the Contest you are entering:
(In the Equipped Full Powerlifting or Equipped Squat, Only Single Ply Squat Suit, Deadlift Suit and Briefs  are allowed,
Multi Ply- Full Powerlifting:____    Raw Full Powerlifting____   Single Ply Powerlifting ____  
Multi-Ply- Push / Pull ____               Raw Push / Pull____       Single Ply Push/Pull ______
Mulit-Ply- Squat Only____               Raw Squat Only _____  Single Ply Squat Only _____
Multi-Ply- Bench Press ____            Raw Bench Press ____   Single Ply Bench Only _____
Multi-Ply- Deadlift ____                   Raw Deadlift ____          Single Ply Deadlift Only
Raw Bench Press Repetitions _____
Strict Curl Competition  _____
You can enter more than one event if you would like, just check the events you want to enter
And send the appropriate fees according to the contest you are entering.
What Divisions are you entering?
Teenage: _____ Junior(20-23)_____ Women_____  Men _____  Police , Fire, Military_____Sub-masters(33-39)_____  
Masters(40-44) ___  Masters(45-49)___Masters(50-54)___Masters(55-59)___Masters(60-64)___Masters(65-69)___ Other ________
What Weight Class are you entering? If you don’t make weight , you go to the one you do make.
Wt. Class: 97___114___123___132___148___165___181___198___220___242___259___275___308___Super Heavy___
Would you like to make a Donation to help Support the SPF Team at the SPF/GPC World Championship which will be held in Prague, Czech Republic 9/7/10 through 9/12/10.

Entry Fees: Send the amount as advertised for each event. If you are not a member of the SPF or if you
need to renew your membership, send extra $30.00 with this application. Membership card must be up to date of the tournament or more.

All APPLICATIONS and FEES must be mailed to Jesse Rodgers, 7493 Tanya Dr. Harrison,  Tn.   37341
Make all Checks payable to Jesse Rodgers
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