2013 SPF March Madness Powerlifting Meet

March 24, 2013


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2013 SPF March Madness Powerlifting Open

Raw + Single ply + Multi-ply + Crossfit
Full Power & Bench Only

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Super Training Gym

2010 3rd Street

Sacramento, CA 95818



Sponsored by:

Mark Bell’s Slingshot, Power Magazine

Meet Director

Mark Bell

Cara Westin, Super Training Gym
(contact email: riotbarbie635@gmail.com)


Open to all lifters (SPF membership card required. 1 year membership $30. Membership open to everyone.)


Men:            Lightweight (up to 198), Middleweight (199 to 242), Heavyweight (243 and above)

Women:      Lightweight (up to 165), Heavyweight (166 and above)


Open Division only – Raw, Single Ply, Multi Ply, Crossfit

Full Power or Bench Only.

Wrist wraps, knee wraps and belt allowed for Raw.


Saturday, March 23             10:00 am – Noon, evening by appointment



Mandatory rules briefing Sunday at 9:15 am
Lifting begins at 10:00 am


Mandatory - Must have one piece lifting suit or wrestling suit.
SPF rules apply.

Entry Fee:



Entries must be received by March 18th.




Awards for first place in each division by formula plus male and female Best Lifter. (Records may be set in all weight classes and age groups.)


Vagabond Inn Executive                            (916) 446-1481

Use group name “Super Training” for special rate of $69 + tax



2013 SPF
March Madness Powerlifting Open

March 24, 2013



Last Name                                                      First Name                                          MI


Address ____________________________________________________________________ 


City ____________________________State ____________Zip Code _________________


Day Phone _______________________ Evening Phone _________________  Age ________


e-mail ________________________________________ Date of Birth__________________



Men (circle one):             Lightweight (up to 198), Middleweight (199 to 242), Heavyweight (243 and above)

Women:                                Lightweight (up to165), Heavyweight (166 and above)

□Full power or □ Bench Press only

□Raw or □ Single ply or □ Multi ply   □ Crossfit


Fees & Payment:                          Entry fee                                        $75      $________


SPF Card (Y or N)____  Exp. Date ______   Late fee after 3/18/13                 $40      $________

                                                                        (No exceptions)


                                                                        TOTAL DUE                                       $___________

Liability Release:


On behalf of myself, my heirs, executors, administrators, and assigns, I hereby irrevocably waive, release, and fully discharge Cara Westin, the SPF, Jesse Rodgers, Mark Bell, Super Training Gym, Midtown Strength and Conditioning, their respective officers, directors, employees, agents, and shareholders, of and from any and all rights, claims, demands, lawsuits, and causes of action due to or arising from any accident, injury, damage, or loss directly, indirectly, or in any way associated with my participation in the powerlifting competition sponsored by the SPF at Super Training Gym on March 24, 2013. I represent that I know of no medical reason or condition that would impair my ability to participate in this event, and I hereby assume any and all risk of accidental, medical injury or consequential damages resulting from my participation. I acknowledge, understand, and accept the inherent risks of powerlifting. I have read the above release, understand its meaning and consequences, and agree to be legally bound by its terms. I have signed this release freely and voluntarily.



Make Check Payable to and

Return Entry Form to:      

Cara Westin

P.O. Box 499

Loomis, CA  95650

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