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Georgia State Powerlifting Championship 2019

March 9



Georgia State Powerlifting

and Bench Press Championship


Powerlifting, Push/Pull, Bench Press or Deadlift



Holiday Inn and Suites Atlanta Airport North

1380 Virginia Ave

Atlanta, Ga.


To book your rooms at the Hotel:

The name of your group is Southern Powerlifting Federation

Reservations can be made for March 08, 2019 – March 10, 2019  ONLY. The last day to make your reservation is:  February 15, 2019

Group Block Code : SPF

Book Your ‘Southern Powerlifting Federation’ Reservations Here


CANCELLATION POLICY: We have a 24 hour cancelation policy where any reservation must be canceled by 6:00pm the day before arrival.Credit Cards will be authorized after 6:00pm the day before your arrival to guarantee your reservation.

Upon arrival, you will be asked to provide a valid Credit Card or Debit Card and proof of I.D.  We do not accept cash at check-in and guest must be 21 years old or older to check-in. Pre-paid and temporary cards are not permitted and will result in your reservation being canceled or resold. All funds will be held on the Credit Card or Debit Card provided during check-in until up to 10 days post your departure. Cash can only be accepted at checkout.

Holiday Inn & Suites Atlanta Airport North is a 100% non-smoking hotel. A $250.00 fine will be applied if a guests smokes in the room/balcony and guest will have to vacate the property immediately.

Discounted Parking: $4.00

Check In: 3:00pm and Check Out: 12:00 noon.

Should anyone wish to speak with someone directly, please provide the information below:

Book online or call: 404-305-9990 OR 404-669-1214

Group Block Code : SPF

Group Rate:

  •  Standards $109.00

Please let me know if I can be of additional assistance.


Meet Directors:

Jesse Rodgers: 423-255-3672 or Facebook

Ga. State Chairman – Devin Wiggins – Face Book


We will only be taking the first 50 Full Powerlifters and 35 Push/Pull, Bench Only or Deadlift Only 

for this first event so if you want in you better get your enties in early because it will fill up fast.


You can enter this event by Clicking the link below


be sure to fill out the little COMMENT box and tell us what event you are entering and your info just as Raw, Division weight Class, age or what ever


You can enter by calling 423-255-3672 with credit card

or just mail them in.


Send money Jesse Rodgers on Facebook and send message with it for your Entry


Fill out the Entry forms and mail them to:

Jesse Rodgers

7493 Tanya Dr.

Harrison, Tn. 37341


Call Jesse Rodgers at 423-255-3672 for more info


Hit me up on Face Book.


Raw With Wraps: _____  Raw Without Wraps: _______    

Single Ply: _____     Multi-Ply: _____ 



Full Powerlifting     95.00


 Push/Pull                 85.00


Squat Only            75.00


Bench Bench Only  70.00



 Deadlift Only         70.00



15.00 late fee after Feb. 20th. 2019 so get get entries in early.


Divisions: Teenage Men, Teenage Women, Juniors, Women, Men Sub-Masters,


Police and Fire, Masters 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70-74,7 5-79, 80+ 


Weight Classes for each Division: 97, 114, 123, 132, 148, 165, 181, 198, 220, 242, 259,

             275, 308, Super Heavy


Must be a SPF Member if you are not already a member send an


additional 30.00, (Teenagers 20.00) for your membership card.




Early Weigh In Times: Friday, 9”00 am. –  12:00pm (Lunch)


Day of Meet weigh ins: 7:00am – 8:00



Lifters Briefing 8:00am.



Meet starts at 8:30am Sharp






General Admission: $10.00, Kids 12 and under, Free 

Awards: 1st –  3rd. Places in all Divisions and weight classes. Best Lifter and Team Awards


Mail Entry Forms and Fees to :

Jesse Rodgers, 7493 Tanya Dr.   Harrison,  Tn.   37341


Make all Checks Payable to: Jesse Rodgers.   For more info call 423-255-3672.




Contest Entry Form


All Entry Forms and Entry Fees must be Mailed to:


Jesse Rodgers, 7493 Tanya Dr.   Harrison,   Tn.   37341


All CHECKS, PAYABLE to Jesse Rodgers


423-344-7161 or 423 255-3672 or E-mail: rodgersmadmax@comcast.net



You can enter by calling 423-255-3672 with credit card

or just mail them in.


Name of Contest:  Georgia State Championship   Date  3/9/19 



Print Full Name: _____________________ Age:_______ Date of Birth:_______


Address: ______________ City: ________________ State: _______ Zip: ____




Phone No: _____________________________


Email: ________________________________




Parent or Gardian must sign for you to lift if you are under 18.


Parent or Guardian signature:____________________________________________________




Select the Events pertaining to the Contest you are entering:






Single Ply Powerlifting _____     Raw with Wraps _______  Full Powerlifting____  Raw Without Wraps ________


Multi Ply Powerlifting __________


Multi Ply Push/Pull _______   Single Ply Push/Pull ____            Raw Push / Pull____


Single Ply Squat Only _____          Raw Squat Only _____


Multi-Ply Bench ________      Single Ply Bench Press______      Raw Bench Press ____


Multi Ply Deadlift ________    Single Ply Deadlift   _____           Raw Deadlift ____




Strict Curls   ______               Bench Press for Reps   _______




You can enter more than one event if you would like, just check the events you want to enter


And send the appropriate fees according to the contest you are entering.




What Divisions are you entering?
Teenage: _____ Junior(20-23)_____ Women_____  Men _____  Police , Fire, Military_____Sub-masters(33-39)_____
Masters(40-44) ___  Masters(45-49)___Masters(50-54)___Masters(55-59)___Masters(60-64)___Masters(65-69)___ Other ________

What Weight Class are you entering? If you don’t make weight , you go to the one you do make.




Wt. Class: 97___114___123___132___148___165___181___198___220___242___259___275___308___Super Heavy___




Entry Fees: Send the amount as advertised for each event. If you are not a member of the SPF or if you need to renew your membership, send extra 30.00, (Teenagers 20.00) with this application.


Membership card must be up to date of the tournament or more.
All APPLICATIONS and FEES must be mailed to Jesse Rodgers, 7493 Tanya Dr. Harrison,  Tn.   37341
Make all Checks payable to Jesse Rodgers


March 9


Jesse Rodgers
Devin WIggins


Holiday Inn and Suites Atlanta Airport North
1380 VIrginia
Atlanta,GAUnited States
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