Referee written examination

1. Have you ever read the SPF Rule book? Yes No

2. How well do you know the SPF Rules ( all Aspects not just Bench )? Somewhat Good Very Well

3. Could you Judge your best friend as fairly as you could a perfect stranger? Yes No

4. Could you Judge by SPF Rules only and leave your personal feelings out of it. Yes No

5. What is the maximum weight of the empty special squat bar and collars? _______________

6. What is the maximum weight of the empty bench bar and collars__________________

7. What is the maximum weight of the empty deadlift bar and collars? _____________

8. What is the minimum weight that can be added to the bar for a SPF World Record

9. How many pairs of socks can a lifter wear?__________________________

10. If a lifter wears wrist wraps what is the maximum length and width of the
wrist wraps?__________________________________________________

11. If a lifter wears knee wraps what is the maximum length and width of the
Knee wraps?__________________________________________________

12. What is the maximum length of elbow wraps?________________________

13. Can a Lifter wear elbow wraps during the bench press? Yes No

14. What foreign substance may the lifter apply to himself or his lifting

15. What foreign substance may the lifter apply to the bar, bench, or

16. How many shirts may a lifter wear under his bench shirt?_______________

17. What is a lifter allowed to wear under his or her lifting suit?_____________
18. In the squat the lifter must wait for the squat signal from the head judge
before starting the squat. True_____________false_______________

19. After squatting the lifter may stand erect at will. True_______false_______

20. At the bottom of the squat the lifter must break parallell, define parallel.

21. To aid in recovery the lifter may double bounce from the bottom position.

22. At the completion of the lift the lifter may rack the weight at will.

23. How is the bar positioned on the lifters back during the squat?___________

24. How many spotters are allowed on the platform during the squat?________

25. During the execution of the lift what is the correct position for the lifters
coach or assistant?____________________________________________

26. The spotters may help the lifter remove the weight from the racks and
replace the weight after the rack signal. True__________false__________

27. For the bench press what is the proper position of the bench on the
platform in reference to the audience? _____________________________

28. What is the maximum number of spotters allowed on the platform during
the bench press?______________________________________________

29. List 5 causes for disqualification of the bench press.


30. A lifter may wrap his elbow if he has a signed slip from his doctor saying he
has an injured elbow. True_____________false_____________________

31. If the lifter feels safer he may use his own personal spotters in the bench.

32. The lifter may use personal assistants to adjust his belt and position him on
bench. True________________false__________________

33. List 5 causes for disqualification in the deadlift.



34. Describe a hitch in the performance of the deadlift.____________________

35. Chalk may be applied to the lifters shirt and lifting suit at the discretion of
the lifter. True_______________false_____________________

36. If the lifter requests the platform to be cleaned after the head judge says
the bar is loaded the clock will be stopped to allow enough time to clean the
platform. True_____________false______________

37. If a lifter has trouble with firm footing he may spray stickum to the soles of
his shoes. True_____________false_______________

38. On a 2nd attempt a lifter may request the addition of 0.5kg discs to the
incremental weight requested for world record attempts.

39. Once a flight has started a lifter can no longer change an attempt.

40. For 2nd and 3rd attempt deadlifts the initially declared weight can be
changed 2 times provided any changes are made prior to the lifter being
called to the platform. True_______________false_________________

41. The head referee must remain motionless but the side referees may leave
their chairs to get a better vantage point. True________-false_________

42. A lifter may change his second attempt 5 minutes before the start of the
round or before his attempt is called.____________________.

43. If there are no SPF / WBPLA official women present it is ok for a female lifter’s
husband or boy friend to weigh her in. true_________false__________

44. The minimum time allowed for initial 24 hour weigh in is_____________.

45. The morning of the contest the weigh in time permitted is 1 hour.

46. If a lifter is going for a world record and he forgets to tell the speaker to
announce the world record attempt he will be given 3 minutes to rest and
be permitted to take the attempt over. True_________false__________

47. How much time does a lifter have to submit their next attempt following
their 1st or 2nd attempt?______________________________________

48. A lifter has been called to his/her 3rd attempt deadlift by the speaker but the
head judge has not announced the bar loaded. The lifter requests a
change of weight and then asks for another change of weight. Are the
weight changes permitted? Yes_____________no_______________

49. The speaker announces the bar is ready and the time keeper starts his
clock. The head judge did not say the bar was ready because the spotter
was adjusting the collars. The buzzer sounds indicating time has expired.
As a side judge what is your action?_____________________________

50. After an attempt the lifter must leave the platform within________seconds.

51. Give 5 causes for disqualification in the squat?

52. The lifter locks the Deadlift out at the top, but takes a step backward with one foot while doing so. The lift is good. True False

53.On the bench Press, one of the lifters feet slides about 6 inches forward on the floor while making the lift, the lift is good. True False

54.If the lifter racks the weight after making the lift before he gets the rack signalFrom the Head Judge,

he is to get the lift but get a warning from the Head Judge. True False

55.On the Bench Press, it is ok for the Butt to leave the bench for a split second when the Head Judge

gives the PRESS signal as long as the Butt stays on the bench the rest of the time. True False

56 The Head can move up or down during the Bench Press, it doesn’t matter. True False

57. If a lifter is using profanity or screaming at a judge, the 3 judges can take a vote and have the lifter

Removed from the tournament as long as 2 of the 3 judges agree on this. True False

58. If a Lifters Coach, Trainer, Spotter or Helper is using Profanity or acting in a way not satisfactory

to the SPF, the lifter is to be disqualified from the tournament and they BOTH are asked to leave.

True False

59. A Judge can change a rule just a little bit if it will help a lifter perform better. True False

60. A lifter has 1 minute to make has lift once the Announcer has said the Bar is Loaded. True False

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