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If you would like to sanction your meet with the SPF / WBPLA please fill out this form and mail it in.

Name of Event __________________________________________________________________________________

Meet Site (Place, City, State):_____________________________________________________________________

Date of meet you are requesting sanction for: ___________________ Meet Director:_____________________

Meet Directors Address: _________________________________________________________________________

Phone: ___________________________ E-Mail: _____________________________________________________

Entry fee for this event: _________________________________________________________

Meet sanction is $ 50.00 for State and Regional Tournaments. All Results, Membership applications and membership fees must be received by the SPF Office within 7 days after the Event or there will be 150.00 late fee applied to the sanction fee. If any of the paper work is two weeks late there will be a 300.00 late fee applied.

Any Event that is 3 weeks late being turned in to the Office the Sanction will automatically be VOIDED and will not be recognized as a SPF Event.

Initial: _______________

For National and World Tournament Sanctions, $150.00 for Sanction fee and there is a 8.00 fee per lifter that enters the event.

To receive a meet sanction a meet Director or State Chairperson must mail this form and fees to Jesse Rodgers (President of the SPF / WBPLA) at least 30 days before the planned date of the meet.

It is the responsibility of the meet Director to have the appropriate Amount of Spotters are on the platform at all times. It is also the meet Directors place to provide meet insurance if he or she so desires. If a meet Director wishes to run a meet without insurance, he or she must state on this form he or she is running a meet without insurance and are doing so at their own risk and the SPF / WBPLA assumes no liability for injuries, damages or personal loss suffered at the competition, this also includes, Attorney Fees and Court Charges. The meet Director and only the meet Director shall indemnify and hold harmless the SPF or WBPLA, All Officials, Officers, Spotters and any other employee.s from and against any and all claims and Liabilities of any nature, including but not limiting to Attorney fee.s and any other cost incurred in Defending any legal and equitable action out of conduct of this power lifting meet.

The SPF Membership is $30.00 for Adults and 20.00 per Teenage member. The meet Director shall keep $5.00 of each new membership sold at the meet.The meet results, proceeds from new membership cards, and copies of all new membership application shall be sent to Jesse Rodgers within 14 days after the meet.

The meet Director must verify that all athletes participating in the event are Registered with the SPF and hold current membership cards. No one is allowed to lift in the event without being a member.

I agree to run this sanctioned meet within the rules and guidelines of the SPF / WBPLA Rule Book, and by the conditions set forth by this sanction request form. I also agree no one will be permitted to lift that is not a member.

Check the one pertaining to you.

_____ I WILL BE PROVIDING MY OWN insurance for this meet.

_____ This event will be covered by the insurance policy of the meet site.

_____ I will be running this event without insurance and at my own risk. I understand and agree that the SPF or the WBPLA are not responsible for any claims and Liabilities from injury, damages, personal loss, death, or claims of any nature resulting from my event. I agree to be responsible for any and all attorney.s fee.s and costs incurred in defending any legal and equitable action arising out of this power-lifting meet.


Signature of Meet Director:

Yes I have read this agreement and agree in full to up hold.

Sign: ____________________________________________________________________________


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